For a peaceful stay

Everything you need to know

A carefree dream holiday despite Covid-19


Despite the Corona pandemic, it is possible to spend an unforgettable holiday in safety. We ensure this every day at Maurn by following all Corona safety rules and maximum hygiene standards. 




Last but not least, the spaciousness and the intimacy of our residence guarantee enough privacy to easily keep the required minimum distance all the time.




Entry into Italy: 

  • Online registration using  this link. The confirmation email on your smartphone is sufficient proof.
  • Digital COVID certificate from the EU (Green Passport) showing whether you are recovered, vaccinated or tested. Obligatory for people aged 6 and over. 
  • For the purpose of entering Italy, the Green Pass is valid for 9 months due to vaccination.




  • The Super Green Pass (2G) is required for checking in and staying at the hotel. 
  • Guests whose recovery or vaccination certificate is older than 6 months may use all services for which the Super Green Pass (2G) is required in Italy if they present a negative antigen set (not older than 48h).